Your Managers and Your Network Are Your Best Investment with Chris DePatria

Today Matt is joined by Chris DePatria, SVP of Revenue at Setpoint, who shares insights on the impact of strong frontline managers and networking in sales success. They cover the fine points of hiring, coaching, and when necessary, parting ways with employees.

Join us for an episode with valuable guidance for nurturing a high-performing sales team and the significance of a strategic approach to sales leadership.

Show highlights:

  • A sales leader’s role in tech-stack and sales-ops synergy. [00:03:09]
  • Deep dive into sales council development and having a strong feedback loop with the field. [00:05:54]
  • Why a staggering 57% of sales reps quit. [00:13:29]
  • The right way and the wrong way to handle exiting sales people.. [00:17:22]
  • The power of imaginative hiring and  a passion for people. [00:19:51]
  • Promotion prudence with a “jobs are given, not taken” rule. [00:24:28]
  • How to establish  a learning culture to supercharge growth. [00:31:00]
  • Discover ways to network effectively in a sales career. [00:32:50]

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