Nobody Knows Anything with Jeff Macomber

In this episode, Matt welcomes Jeff Macomber, the Global Sales Enablement Leader at Lumivero. Together, they challenge some of the conventional wisdom on selling and leadership.

Jeff introduces a smart approach to on-boarding that begins with a detailed understanding of buyer perspectives.

You can expect to take away some unconventional insights and practical lessons that could change your approach to sales and enablement leadership. This episode is a must-listen if you are looking for a fresh perspective and a few good laughs along the way.

Show highlights:

  • Gain insights into buyer-perspective understanding. [00:05:09]
  • What does “nobody knows anything” mean in sales? [00:08:09]
  • Lessons in managing difficult employee dynamics. [00:10:47]
  • Why a leader must have motivator awareness. [00:22:50]
  • How to proactively draw teachings from brilliant mentors. [00:26:49]
  • The power of purposefully evolving leadership strategies. [00:31:34]

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