The Faster You Achieve Clarity, The Faster You Win with Patrick Zientara

In this episode, host Matt McDarby speaks with Patrick Zientara, VP of strategic accounts at Hyland. Pat shares his expertise on how humility, curiosity, and authenticity lead to sales success.

You will gain practical advice on transitioning smoothly into new leadership roles, prioritizing tasks, and fostering a strong team culture. The discussion also covers the importance of aligning teams, managing expectations, and acknowledging small victories to strengthen morale.

You will find actionable insights to enhance your effectiveness and drive excellent results.

Show highlights:

  • Peak process for new leaders to discover and align goals. [00:03:50]
  • How to build trust and hit the ground running on priorities. [00:09:11]
  • Uncover the secrets of intentional leadership. [00:12:03]
  • Powerful tips to create a winning team culture. [00:14:50]
  • Why kindness is not the kryptonite of great leadership. [00:18:30]
  • Habits to combat team burnout in elongated sales cycles. [00:22:07]
  • Managing expectations up and down when forecasts fail. [00:27:18]
  • Understand what your only three jobs are as a manager. [00:30:42]
  • The power of humility, curiosity and authenticity in sales. [00:31:49]

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