Blending Art & Science In Sales with Matt Goff

Welcome to The Divine Comedy of Sales, where in today’s episode, host Matt McDarby and our esteemed guest Matt Goff engage in a thought-provoking discussion on craft and the science of assembling a powerhouse sales team.

Hear from Matt Goff, a sports and industrial psychologist, as he shares his approach to talent assessment, the wisdom of the 90-day evaluation window, and the reward of leading sales teams through ever-changing landscapes. We’ll explore the relationship between behavioral expectations and job performance and discuss the emotional intelligence required to manage tough personnel decisions.

Join us for an episode brimming with candid insights and approaches that will help you master the balance between art and science in sales. . Let’s get started!

Show highlights:

  • Learn the key elements of a successful system. [00:03:40]
  • Discover the art of strategic talent diagnosis. [00:08:35]
  • Manage the success profile vs. expectations gap. [00:11:00]
  • How long is too long to evaluate employees? [00:15:36]
  • How to derive joy as a sales leader. [00:19:11]
  • Tips for preparedness with leadership challenges. [00:22:58]
  • Grab this indispensable leadership concept. [00:28:09]

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