Sales Leadership, Empowerment and Innovation with Loree Lash-Valencia

In this episode, host Matt McDarby and sales leader Loree Lash-Valencia share valuable strategies for driving sales team success. From the power of curiosity and resilience to the art of understanding individual motivations, they share practical insights to elevate your sales leadership game.

Tune in to discover how to adapt, inspire, and propel your sales team towards remarkable results.

Show highlights:

  • Find out how surgical systems thinking optimizes sales. [00:04:05]
  • How to use adaptability to spur sales agility. [00:09:25]
  • The importance of gauging individual motivators in teams. [00:11:46]
  • Why strive for radical candor for team alignment? [00:13:47]
  • Explore the inner and outer game of leading salespeople. [00:17:30]
  • Powerful points of cohesion to master team dynamics. [00:22:48]
  • Discover the biggest insights in sales leadership. [00:26:48]

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