The Best Sales Leadership Content Is Tailored to Your Environment

No single sales leadership training program on the market today covers all that your team needs – you may find some programs are too tactical or specific to one method of selling or they are too broad and not geared for the unique aspects of sales leadership.

The solution is sales leadership content that is purpose built for your sales leaders. Your key learning objectives are the basis for what your sales leaders learn – NOT a sales training company’s agenda.

United Sales Resources offers you:

  • A diagnostic process that reveals and clarifies what your sales leaders must learn to be effective in your environment
  • A breakthrough approach to unlocking the value of sales leadership content for your leaders
  • Unlimited access to a library of learning content and fundamentally sound models


The Best Results Come from One-on-One Coaching for Your Sales Leaders

Great learning content alone does not change behavior. Without coaching, your sales leaders are left to figure out how to apply new ideas and key principles on their own. Often, they abandon new ideas and principles before they see results because changing behavior is hard.

One-on-one coaching ensures effective application in your environment and creates accountability. Your team will plan, execute, and review progress regularly with their dedicated coach to ensure application and to measure the impact of coaching.

United Sales Resources offers you:

  • Dedicated coaching by seasoned and effective sales leaders
  • Coach-the-Coach services that equip your sales leaders with the skills they need to develop their teams
  • Biweekly Plan / Do / Review sessions to ensure application and establish accountability


The Best Advice and Support: When You Need It

Being a sales leader is not easy. Coaching and developing sellers, managing up and across the organization, forecasting and reporting, engaging effectively with clients and partners – juggling all the typical demands of the job is hard to do well. That’s why so many sales leaders struggle and fail to achieve their full potential.

The solution is advisory support from an experienced team of leaders – having a sounding board or a trusted advisor when things get challenging. Give your sales leaders the real-time advice and support they need to not just juggle their daily tasks but orchestrate great team performance.

United Sales Resources offers you:

  • Unlimited advisory support – we will always address your calls for help or advice
  • Rapid response, effective listening, and expert diagnosis
  • Thoughtful advice based on decades of real-world experience

A Simple and Flexible Model

We offer expert content, world-class coaching, and unlimited advisory support (yes! we mean unlimited), all delivered in a simple and flexible model. Your coaching and advisory services investment is $1,000 per leader, per month. You can start, pause, or stop anytime.

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Expert Content. World-Class Coaching. Unlimited Advisory Support