Sales Coaching Moments with Richard Smith

In this week’s episode, Matt welcomes Richard Smith, a successful sales leader and conversation intelligence software company co-founder who has devoted most of his professional life to sales coaching. They’ll discuss the role of continuous coaching in enhancing team performance, the importance of careful hiring, and how recognition impacts your sales environment. 

Rich will also share effective strategies that have helped him optimize his time and effectiveness as a leader. Tune in for straightforward, practical advice that could help improve your sales team’s dynamics and results. 

This episode is ideal for anyone looking to elevate their sales leadership skills and foster a more productive team.

Show highlights:

  • Discover the top two components in Rich’s sales management system. [00:03:23]
  • Do sales leaders neglect ongoing team development? [00:08:29]
  • The one crucial trait to prioritize at hiring. [00:11:27]
  • The power of recognition for ongoing efficiency. [00:16:13]
  • Why multi-pronged practice makes perfect. [00:18:52]
  • Tips for team engagement in problem-solving. [00:24:57]
  • Explore conversation-rich coaching moments. [00:30:19]

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