How to Diagnose Sales Performance Problems

Do you know there’s ONE big thing that separates the truly great sales leaders from your average ones?

Not only does cultivating this trait lead to huge gains in sales and revenue, but it also keeps your team from hitting a ceiling in their growth.

Best part?

Learning this skill doesn’t have to take years but it does take some practice.

In this episode, I share the hidden skill that the top sales leaders on the planet apply every day to build and lead the most successful sales organizations in their industry.

Tune in now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • #1 underrated habit every great sales leader has that keeps them from hitting a plateau ([1:13])
  • The “Why” method for finding the root cause of your business growth problem and fixing it([3:03])
  • The “Experience Bias” pothole that most leaders fall victim to (Warning: this will keep you stuck on surface level problems for months…) ([5:47])
  • What the best sales leaders in the world look for when solving a challenging problem in their organization ([9:23])
  • Why the “Ready. Fire. Aim” model of jumping into a challenge head first is going to cause you extra headache and unnecessary work ([11:17])