How Can I Develop A Great Sales Team

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What do you think goes into developing a great sales team?

Giving them space to figure out their problems on their own? Getting out of their way and letting them “do their job”? Or maybe incenting them every day to hit their targets?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then perhaps you’re looking at your role the wrong way….

Developing  a great sales team involves a set of skills you can learn. It involves communicating with your team in a different way and helping them find the right path..

Join me in this episode as I share exactly what you need to do to help your team figure out what’s expected of them, help them be more self-motivated to make fruitful changes in their behavior  and win more…

Tune in now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • How to build up team spirit (Do this if you want your hires to work effectively as a team, all striving for the same goal while helping each other) ([2:12])
  • The 3 simple questions you need to ask your team to set clear expectations ([3:02])
  • The “Common Ground” trait every great sales team shares (This unifies the team and motivates its members to help each other excel) ([6:10])
  • What the cornerstone of every great sales team is (Warning: not having this means your team will be less likely to meet expectations and more likely to NOT work well with each other) ([12:18])
  • A 3-step guide to craft a great sales team that consistently exceeds expectations and over-delivers on results ([15:38])

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