Building A Winning System with Laci Buzzelli

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Laci Buzzelli, who brings a wealth of experience from her impressive 19-year career in sales and leadership.

Today, Laci shares the importance of clear directives and the impact of supportive leadership on both personal and team success. We’ll discuss the realities of transitioning leaders and the challenge of aligning individuals with roles that fit.

Join us as we share and discuss practical insights on accountability, mentorship, and navigating the often complex dynamics of sales teams. This conversation will change your perspective and help you refine your approach to sales leadership.

Show highlights:

  • Gain key insights into the human factors and execution-level challenges that impact sales. [00:03:22]
  • Uncover the biggest growth need in leaders. [00:07:29]
  • Why clear expectations are the key to accountability. [00:11:53]
  • What makes leadership so rewarding? [00:13:36]
  • Explore the challenges of fitting people to roles. [00:17:35]
  • Do you raise your hand as a growing leader? [00:23:02]
  • Mentorship vs. sponsorship, find out the difference. [00:24:09]
  • Are great salespeople always the best leaders? [00:26:45]

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