How to Assemble a Playbook That’s Simple and Clear with Shaun Priest

Get ready to revolutionize your sales leadership playbook with one of today’s best leaders in healthcare tech sales, Shaun Priest. Matt and Shaun discuss the core principles of sales leadership success, from the need for simplicity and clarity to the challenge of understanding and meeting boardroom expectations.

Discover how to create the winning blend of art and science as you lead and why celebrating even the small wins can lead to monumental triumphs.

Tune in now and take a few pages from Shaun’s playbook.

Show highlights:

  • Discover the essential elements in Shaun’s playbook. [00:03:11]
  • Why you should fight for clarity over complexity. [00:09:34]
  • How to turn natural friction between departments into a positive force.  [00:13:33]
  • Tips to create the winning blend of art and science as you lead. [00:16:39]
  • Discover the critical virtue driving leadership success. [00:20:13]
  • The power of engaging your board and stakeholders. [00:28:52]

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