How Clear Leader’s Intent Plus Dialogue Leads to Success with Eddie Geisel

On paper you have everything you need: great products, great support, and great talent on your sales team…

But for some reason, the sales aren’t pouring in like you believe they should.

If you aren’t sure what to do about it, today’s episode with Eddie Geisel will help. Eddie has been there, and he learned the importance of clearly communicating a Leader’s Intent to fix the problem.

He’ll share what Leader’s Intent is and how to apply it to drive your sales team’s results to the next level..

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • The “start with the end in mind” secret for your team to get things done right. ([2:06])
  • Why “digital natives” in the sales force make communicating Leader’s Intent harder than ever and how to harness their strengths without losing their attention or respect. ([10:47])
  • The “What-Why-How” way to translate Leader’s Intent into crystal clear execution so your whole team does what they’re supposed to without confusion or hesitation. ([3:15])
  • “Nothing feels better”: the unexpected reward you get when your team members grow. ([8:02])
  • The “technology trap” that destroys customer trust and neuters your ability to negotiate with prospects. ([15:31])
  • Why thinking like a journalist is the best way to prove genuine interest in your customers. ([23:23])
  • How to talk to clients so they drop their inhibitions and freely share valuable information that helps you close the deal. ([24:14])

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