How Trust and Diverse Perspectives Lead to A Winning Culture with Kenny Klein

Communication and culture are critical.

Poor communication undermines trust in your organization. If you can’t keep your team on the same page, differences in demographics, backgrounds, and opinions can create friction that slams the brakes on sales growth.

Kenny Klein knows these issues firsthand. In his time at Grubhub, he’s grown from individual contributor to sales manager to Senior Director of Sales and Operations. As the business has grown, so has the sales team–to a few hundred  members.

In this episode, Kenny shares lessons learned and insights that will help you communicate with your team no matter what size.

You’ll also learn how to navigate challenges before they can cripple sales and undermine your leadership.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • The avalanche effect that imbalanced communication creates.
  • Why an FAQ should be the MVP of your next policy change and why promising to update it makes it even more useful to your sales team.
  • How three simple questions –What? Why? How?– let you know the right time to share information (and how much to share).
  • Struggling to reach the decision maker? How to supplement soft skills with hard data to break through the invisible barrier keeping you from making contact.
  • How to accommodate diverse worldviews and attitudes to keep a sales team working cohesively and focused on winning together.

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