How to Show Your People You Really Care with Mareo McCracken

Being a sales leader means juggling numerous responsibilities all at once.

Coaching, interpreting data, planning, selling with the team, reporting —the list goes on….

With so much on our plates, it can be challenging to demonstrate genuine care as leaders.

Join us in this episode as Mareo McCracken, Chief Revenue Officer of MoveMedical, shares lessons he has learned about how to inspire and unleash the full potential of your team by demonstrating genuine care.

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • The key trait you need to look for in your next sales rep hire (This trait drastically cuts down on the learning time & shortcuts their path to success) ([1:53])
  • How to unlock your sales teams’ hidden potential for growth ([7:21])
  • How to get your sales team out of a rut and get into a fastrack for success ([10:15])
  • The “SC Fallacy” that makes leaders waste time on bad hires (and how you can avoid that) ([11:14])
  • Your salesperson doesn’t believe in your product yet? Here’s how you turn them from a non-believer into someone that’s eagerly motivated to sell your product ([11:43])
  • The one skill every salesperson needs to develop to live a fulfilling life inside & outside of work ([19:43])

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