Why Creating A Cadence Is The Most Important Thing We Can Do with Greg Lanz

Some sales leaders coach in “firefighting mode.” They offer coaching only when a performance problem arises and they expect better behavior and great results to follow.

But the change doesn’t come and the results don’t improve.

To drive real change and improve performance , establishing a consistent cadence with your team is a proven method that ensures coaching and effective follow through.

In this episode, Greg Lanz explains why cadence is an investment worth making, how to develop the right cadence with your team, and why honoring your commitment to cadence strengthens your reputation, enhances team performance, and makes you a better leader.

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Show highlights include:

  • Why chasing short-term gains keeps you stuck in a “death spiral” and the investment you have to make to escape. ([15:02])
  • The Robot Fallacy: Why training your team to only respond to orders might work short-term, but will never produce lasting success. ([6:14])
  • How to use “show, don’t tell” to integrate a rookie into your high-performing sales team without dragging down performance. Plus, the counterintuitive reason your team (not the sales leader) should spearhead the effort. ([11:24])
  • The win-win reason delegation makes you a better leader and helps your team close more deals. ([9:02])
  • What to do when your coaching cadence isn’t working. ([22:59])

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