Why Sales Teams Need Clear Expectations

As a sales leader, one of the absolute worst things you can have your team do is execute without clear expectations.

Without clear expectations, your team members may be performing  daily activities that have little or nothing to do with what you are trying to achieve.

Amateur sales leaders leave expectations to chance. What do they get in return? Lack luster results and frustration from the team. Is this what you want from your team? Of course not!

What do experienced sales leaders do instead?

They train their team to focus on the “how,” so each team member can hold themselves accountable and deliver the results they are paid to deliver.

Join me in this episode as I discuss how to set clear expectations for your sales team so they can  thrive in any environment.

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • How to set clear expectations with your sales team so that everyone can thrive ([5:49])
  • The “what, why and how” formula to set your team on the path to success ([6:17])
  • How the “BHAG” is no longer sufficient for goal setting (do this instead) ([7:34])
  • How to get your team to hold themselves accountable by setting up easy to follow structures ([11:26])
  • The one thing you want your sales team to leave with in every interaction so that they hit their daily targets ([18:14])

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