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  • I began my B2B selling career nearly thirty years ago, and the journey from average seller to highly effective seller and sales leader has been humbling and gratifying.
  • While selling and leading the enterprise sales team at Huthwaite, I noticed that organizations were not focusing enough time and resources on training and developing sales managers. I started my own sales management training and development company, United Sales Resources, in 2010 to fulfill that unmet need.
  • Since then, my mission has been to help sales managers recognize important opportunities for development, to address problems that are keeping them from achieving their goals, and to help them become more effective leaders. I am happy to report that our focus on sales leadership development is making a huge impact on our clients’ sales performance.
  • I published The Divine Comedy of Sales in September 2021, using the same story-telling approach that I used in my first two books, The Cadence of Excellence and The Ultimate Differentiator. I’ve found that stories about virtuous sales leaders are resonating with other leaders, making it possible for them to identify ways they can lead more virtuously, as well.
  • Check out the reviews of The Divine Comedy of Sales on Amazon.
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Matt McDarby