The Divine Comedy of Sales: The Sales Manager’s Guide to Virtuous Leadership

What is the mindset or way of thinking that great sales leaders apply to build real followership and consistent, positive, and sustainable team results? What is different about the leaders who are able to lead their teams to generate consistently great results from those leaders who cannot?

Matt McDarby offers a clear view of great sales leadership by looking through the lens of the people being led. What are the qualities of the sales leaders you would be inclined to follow? What actions do they take that makes them attractive leaders? What are the key behaviors that separate them from their average counterparts?

Using real-world stories about virtuous and highly effective sales leaders, McDarby demonstrates how you can increase your impact as a leader by avoiding the seven deadly sins and intentionally incorporating the great virtues – humility, goodwill, patience, diligence, generosity, self-control, and detachment – into your daily work.

The Divine Comedy of Sales – Book Cover

In The Divine Comedy of Sales, Matt shares stories of sales leaders who lead virtuously and build highly motivated, high-performing teams.

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