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  • “The Divine Comedy of Sales is chock full of real-world examples, personal stories, and exercises at the end of each chapter, which meaningfully anchor the book. This is especially important, as McDarby frames the work through the grand, classically-dramatic lens of the seven deadly sins.” – Jason M.
  • “I highly recommend this book to any sales leader who is trying to improve their results and the best possible leader to their team.” – Kevin Kearns, SVP Sales, Grubhub
  • “Really great read. McDarby cuts through the noise in a space with a track record of taking itself too seriously, and passes along actionable wisdom in the form of quick hitting, insightful stories. A worthwhile read for any stage of your sales career..” – Elijah M.
  • “McDarby is incredibly insightful while also keeping the book light and fun to read. It is packed with powerful takeaways and has a structure of activities to challenge your thinking and help build habits for continued success. It has been a fantastic resource for me and a book I plan to revisit many times in the future. A must have for all sales leaders. Highly recommend.– Mike L.
  • “McDarby has done something really unique here. Building on the foundation of the concept of fixed vs. growth mindset, and the contrast between the seven deadly sins and seven lively virtues, he has connected all the dots and explains how it applies to world of sales leadership.” – Mike K.
The Divine Comedy of Sales – Book Cover

Some of the virtuous sales leaders featured in the book are pictured here (clockwise from top left) – Ken Napolitano, Dana Isola, Julia Flohr, Ryan Ward, and Malcolm Simmonds.