How To Make Your Sales Leadership Kickoff The Most Valuable One Yet

Sales leadership kickoffs and offsite meetings set the tone for excellent sales leadership team performance and outstanding sales results WHEN they’re planned well.

Entering a new fiscal year or phase prompts executive and senior sales leadership teams to think about questions like…

  • What are we trying to achieve now / next?
  • How will we execute our strategy in the coming year or phase of the business?
  • How will we collaborate as a leadership team to achieve our desired results?
  • What do we expect from our teams?
  • How will we kick off our teams’ efforts and ensure a strong start to the new year / phase?

Typically, leadership teams investigate questions like the above in the context of offsite or virtual retreats to ensure that the typical, daily fires and escalations don’t distract from strategic dialogue and critical thinking time. The limited time you are able to set aside for leadership meetings is incredibly valuable… and unbearably expensive if you waste it on meetings that don’t produce results.

Can you afford a Sales Leadership Kickoff that falls short?

The implications of a poorly planned and executed sales leadership kickoff or retreat can be huge for your sales organization. Poor communication, unclear expectations, and a lack of alignment around the plan of attack will all inevitably trickle down to the sales organization. Not good.

If you are considering ways to ensure that your sales leadership kickoff or team meeting delivers maximum value, consider Matt McDarby and his team at USR. Matt has planned and hosted highly effective sales leadership meetings for two decades, and he knows how to plan and execute leadership retreats and kickoff meetings that are inspirational, motivating, and lead to concrete action and results.

As a best-selling author, Matt has content and stories that can help a team find inspiration and motivation to overcome big obstacles to the results they want. As a career sales leader and executive team member, Matt has the experience to help teams work through thorny issues and difficult conversations to arrive at clarity and common purpose. As a coach and advisor, Matt’s mission is to help teams achieve their full potential. Matt helps teams organize their thinking, make better decisions together, and identify how to influence behavior, affect and manage change, and lead effectively.

Matt and the USR team will help you and your sales leadership team to plan, execute, and establish an actionable follow up approach for your next leadership team event. Our mission is to make the planning and logistical management of your next leadership retreat, kickoff, or planning meeting seamless.

If professional support is what you need to plan and execute your best sales leadership team meeting ever, please share some information with us. Tell us about your upcoming kickoff, retreat, or virtual event by clicking on the link below.

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