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  • “What I like about this book is that it cuts through the clutter and gets to the essentials. It has the must-dos. The author has carried a bag and managed others who do, sometimes in challenging circumstances, so has earned the right to share advice on this important subject. As such it’s filled with real-world examples and practical advice – not just theory or academic data from online surveys. At the end is a Leadership Planner which asks thought-provoking questions about the actions that sales leaders can and must take to drive improved results from their teams. I’d recommend putting this book at the top of your list if you are in or thinking about a leadership position.” – Bruce W.
  • The Cadence of Excellence… serves as a bridge between the nuanced, real-life situations that one needs to deal with in everyday sales management… by offering real examples of honest-to-goodness people.” – Nina H.
  • “What I enjoy… about the book is the amount of effort that McDarby has done to craft each of his stories. Each story felt relatable and each were very clear to understand. Not only did each story have concepts to be understood, but there were many helpful tips and actionable examples that further brought more value to each chapter.” – B. Hok
  • “The Cadence of Excellence is a great book for Sales Leaders and Sales Managers! It’s filled with real life examples that a Sales Manager/Leader can apply to improve their team’s performance through a disciplined operating rhythm. Essentially, Matt has created a Sales Managers Playbook that will help you develop a coaching cadence with your team…. Whether you’re a new Sales Manager or a Global Sales Leader, you will benefit from reading this book.” – Jay J.
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Why This Book?

The number one problem I hear from virtually every sales manager I interact with is, ‘I don’t have enough time to do ALL the things that I need to do.’ As a result, some really important parts of their job are not done particularly well. This book will help you fix that problem.

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