The Ultimate Differentiator: The Sales Manager’s Guide to Talent Development

This guide is for sales leaders who know their only, true source of differentiation stems from having the right kind of sales talent for their environment and for their desired business outcome.

Sales leaders who operate in these types of markets often find it difficult or impossible to sustain growth in a consistent way. Instead of sales growth charts with arrows pointing up and to the right, their growth charts look more like roller coaster rides… with unpredictable ups and downs enough to turn one’s stomach!

If you are serious about assembling the kind of sales talent development system that will fuel your team’s growth right now and for the long-haul, then this book is written for you. If your success hinges on building and retaining an industry-best sales team, then the simple principles in this guide will help you do precisely that.

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In The Ultimate Differentiator, Matt tells real-world stories of sales managers who assembled sales talent development systems to ensure they can compete, differentiate, and win.

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