Sales Manager Training – The Key to Developing A World Class Salesforce

Sales manager training and development is the key to developing a world class salesforce. I can say that unequivocally based on my personal involvement in roughly one hundred and fifty sales transformations over the last thirteen years.

Why is it that some sales forces succeed and others fail when they have roughly the same kinds of products, draw from the same talent pool, pay roughly the same compensation plans, and have nearly the same structures. The answer is crystal clear when you dive deeply (like my team and I do week after week, month after month) into what makes sales forces tick. The answer has nothing to do with highly differentiated products or low prices.

The difference maker is the sales management team and how well they execute their craft. Think about it. Sales managers set the pace and the focus for the sales organization. They play THE PIVOTAL ROLE in making sure that sales tactics align with and support the sales strategy, which is linked inextricably with the business strategy. They work to make sure that salespeople are focused on the right opportunities. Within the context of those opportunities, sales managers ensure that salespeople are talking to the right people about the right issues and opportunities at the right time. They play the role of coach, cheerleader, and head trainer all at the same time.

Or, at least, that is what sales managers are supposed to do. Are they not?

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Let’s consider that question with respect to YOUR SALES MANAGEMENT TEAM. How do your front-line sales managers spend their time?

What do they do to keep salespeople focused on the right opportunities?

How do they go about developing the skills of your client-facing field representatives or telephone sales representatives?

What do they do to hone their craft as leaders and coaches in the small amount of time they might have week in and week out?

Have you really considered those questions?

If not, consider taking one or more of the following actions today:

  1. Read our guide, “Five Fundamentals of Effective Sales Management” today. Consider where your sales management team might have opportunity to improve, to lead more effectively, and to drive better sales results. Which of the five fundamentals resonates most with you as you think about your sales management team?
  2. Jot down the really important business and sales outcomes you want to achieve over the next two to three years on the top of a sheet of paper. Below that, write out where you are now with regard to achieving that outcome (e.g. current sales, current sales practices), and write down what your sales management team will have to do to achieve your desired outcome. Are their gaps between what your sales managers are capable of today and what they will need to do early next year or the year after?
  3. Put your sales management training and development plan in writing. Does it make sense? Are you investing sufficiently into the people who are most closely connected with your sales organization’s success?
  4. If you would find value in a consultation with people who focus all of their time and energy on sales manager training and development, then please contact us by clicking here or email us at to set up a conversation. I personally guarantee that the conversation will prove valuable and useful, whether you choose to embark on a sales management training program with USR or not.


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