3. Coaching Excellence

sales coachingFundamental #3 – Coaching Excellence

What it Means

Purposeful and skillful interactions with your team to win profitable business for your company over the long-term.

Why it Matters

Research has demonstrated that successful sales managers focus on 60-80% of their team.  They choose to spend most of their time developing the reps that have the aptitude and ability to grow from average sellers to great sellers. At the end of the day, Coaching is selling!

Identify your performance challenges

  • Do you have a list of behaviors that you want to instill into your sales people?
  • Do you model effective sales behavior with your rep when planning for a call, or when in front of the prospect?
  • Do you have a relationship built on trust with your sales team?

Creating an action-plan to deliver coaching excellence starts with YOU:

Help your team by focusing on the right things Start building your ACTION-PLAN

Creating an action-plan to achieve coaching excellence starts with:

  • Reflect on your current coaching behaviors
  • Identify where you can make changes to provide excellent coaching
  • Commit to making changes to your approach to coaching

If you need help creating an action plan, seek help from experts that can guide you to answer these and other questions critical to your team’s success, the fastest path to discover the answers is to call us now at 888-877-1956. You can also attend our workshop or fill in the form on the right to download a free whitepaper going into more details of the Five Fundamentals of Effective Sales Management. Pick your path.

“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”

– John Wooden

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