Deal Coaching integrates some of the most important aspects of selling — planning and asking questions with strategic intent, listening, seeking and obtaining commitment, and advancing opportunities — into one practical, digestible, and contextual process. How often do you or your sales managers engage in Deal Coaching?

Coaching sales reps as they seek to win new business is one of the most important things we do as sales managers. But how good at deal coaching can a sales manager be when he or she only does it occasionally and never gets feedback on their performance when they do?

Why would you leave such an important sales management function to chance? Effective deal coaching leads to more wins, a more positive and collaborative sales environment, and more confident and skilled salespeople. When sales managers commit to become better deal coaches, the entire organization benefits, as sales teams increase their effectiveness and their efficiency at pursuing and winning new business.

Coaching-the-coaches is what we do, and since 2010, USR has been working shoulder to shoulder with sales managers to perfect how they coach reps…whether they seek to win a brand new, major customer or to defend and grow their relationship with an existing customer. Our process works, and our customers have benefited to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars of real money to the top line that they otherwise would not have won.

Working directly with your sales managers, we guide and offer constructive support in the following ways:

• Using your team’s sales opportunities as the context for our work together – we help you win while your sales reps and your managers learn.
• Identifying issues and opportunities with deal strategy and helping managers to correct them.
• Zeroing in on the few, crucial improvements that will make a big impact on your reps’ results.
• Maximizing time and making the process of deal coaching simpler and more efficient to execute.
• Establishing a process of continual improvement that reps and managers buy into and actually enjoy.

How do you want to proceed?

We have two Deal Coaching options for your consideration. We offer private, custom Deal Coaching services for middle market and large sales management teams, and we also offer our open, public Deal Coaching Academy program for individual sales managers and small teams.

Learn More About USR’s Deal Coaching Academy for Individuals and Small Teams

Learn More About Private, Custom Deal Coaching Services for Mid-to-Large Teams