Change Now, Grow Sales

Change now. Grow sales. We all operate in a very dynamic marketplace in which change comes rapidly and frequently. Because of that, one of the most pressing questions that sales leaders have to answer now is, “How can we adapt in order to ensure sales growth now and in the foreseeable future?”

This is why sales leaders play the pivotal role in the success of any organization. Whether you are a Chief Sales Officer or a newly minted front-line sales manager, you must have an answer to this critical question.

Some sales leaders take this challenge head on while other sales leaders duck and hope that things will get back to the way they once were. I will presume that you are put of that first group because you are reading this post. I will presume even further that you care what I have to say about this matter, so allow me to share some thoughts.

In response to the question, “What does it take to change the performance of a sales organization?” I offer the two-minute video below for your viewing pleasure. For more of my point-of-view on how to change a sales organization’s performance for the better, please watch each of USR’s four-part video series by clicking here.


Seven Questions: Are They Leadership Material?

How do you know if a candidate for a sales management role is leadership material?

Sales managers have the pivotal role in a business.  They stand at the junction where a company’s strategy and sales execution meet, and their ability to lead and coach their teams has a profound impact on business results. [Read more…]

Where Can You Create Value?

Great sales forces know where they can create value for customers and where they cannot. They understand that in order to invest their time appropriately, they have to separate the bad bets from the good ones, the customers who don’t value their effort from those who do.

[Read more…]

Foresight: Your Best Tool for Future Sales

Foresight is defined as knowledge or insight gained by looking forward.  As we begin to contemplate what 2016 will hold for us, consider the impact of a sales strategy informed by foresight and future trend data.

The concept of applying foresight to business strategy is not new or revolutionary.  Marketing leaders, Chief Strategy Officers and CEOs, for example, often seek information on trends, trying to get a sense of what the future might hold before they set goals and [Read more…]

The New Sales Discipline

The New Sales Discipline combines methods from traditional selling, traditional marketing, technology-enabled networking, and business data analysis, taking them all to a higher, more refined form.

If you are in the business of revenue generation (i.e. selling, marketing, business development, et cetera), your job has changed over the last several years.  Following are some of the notable changes: [Read more…]